Good Friday Bible Journaling

Bible journaling entry for good Friday

Good Friday

Your step by step to recreate this Good Friday Bible Journaling entry…

Good Friday Bible Journaling entry showing the cross, Jesus with a crown of thorns and Jesus' hand with the hole in.

What we used to create this journaling entry

and links to where you can get some of it!

  1. Waterbrush or regular brush and pot of water
    Available from Amazon
  2. Watercolour paints
    You can get watercolour sets in many shops or online.
  3. Downloadable Bible Journaling images of Jesus
    We used these from Etsy.
  4. Black and light grey brush pen
    We used the Zig Clean Color Real Brush Marker Pen 010 Black and 091 light gray this time but you can use any brush pen. We find people prefer different types!
  5. Black Ink Pad
    We like the versafine stamp and today we used the colour onyx black. These stamps are also used for embossing.
  6. Glue
    We just used a regular pritt stick. 
  7. Alphabet stamps
    We have a couple of different sets including a small one from Hobbycraft.
  8. Clear Gesso
    We use the ‘Liquitex Professional Clear Gesso Surface Prep Medium’ which is available from Amazon.
  9. Pencil and ruler
    Nothing fancy!
  10. Red poster/acrylic paint.

Step by step

  1. GESSO
    Depending on whether you are using a journaling bible/regular bible or journaling book you may or may not need to do this step.

    If you’re using a regular bible, because the pages are particularly thin we recommend using gesso as a base to strengthen the page. Gesso can be clear or white- we have used clear today so we can still see the scripture behind the art work. Simply paint the gesso over the entire two pages and leave to dry completely. It will feel slightly rough to touch when dry.
    You can go freehand or as we did with measurements and a ruler! Mark where you want your cross to be using a pencil.
    If you haven’t used a water-brush before, we love them! Instead of having a cup of water and having to keep dipping in, you load the base of the brush with water and then gently squeeze when you want some water to come to the tip of the brush! Once you have set this up pick a deep red colour and load a lot of the paint onto the brush.
    Starting on the right side of cross, go over the pencil line keeping the colour quite concentrated. Then add a bit more water to the brush and paint in outward motions from the line you just created and it should spread the paint progressively keeping the centre darkest and as you get to the edges of the pages a lot lighter/almost clear. Keeping adding water as you feel it is needed.
    Clear the brush or use a new one and load it with a green coloured watercolour. Go around the pencil line on the left side of the cross but this time create a jagged edge as though grass is growing from it. Next paint some vines or stems growing from the cross. We added some curves and different lengths to keep it visually interesting. Add leaves to SOME not all of the vines. Next load your brush with a yellow and paint dots all over the vines to create your flower centres. Pick a different colour and paint 5 dots around the yellow centres to create a blossom effect.
    If you’re not confident at drawing or are strapped for time, journaling downloads are AMAZING. Etsy is a wonderful place to find these for fairly low cost and instant downloads. Just remember that this is for your personal use unless specified by the shop owner.

    We purchased two journaling, cut out the images we were after and stuck them onto the page. We also spread a little red around the edges of Jesus to blend him into the page a bit more.
    Using a brighter shade of red in a poster/acrylic paint, load up a brush and gently flick it over the right side of the page. This gives a realistic effect to blood.
    Finally, we used our alphabet stamps and black ink pad to stamp the verse into the bottom left corner filling some of the space left on the page. You could also add the date of entry if you like.
WELL DONE, you have now completed your Good Friday bible journaling entry!


Click on the image to download your FREE colouring sheet.

Cross colouring sheet with flowers for bible journaling.

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