Rock-A-Bye Babies is a weekly, fun sling and dance class for all abilities followed by FREE refreshments and natter. Come along to meet other like-minded mums and get moving to great music while holding your baby close in a carrier or sling. Rock-A-Bye Babies encourages bonding through baby wearing and movement, great for all babies and parents, including those who may be experiencing symptoms of postnatal depression.

Hoping to join our Rock-A-Bye-Babies class? Take a look at our safety checklist before registering:

  • Classes suitable for babies from 6 weeks after their due date, once mum has had a 6 week postnatal check with their GP and it is deemed safe to take part in activity.
  • Complete a preliminary questionnaire on registration so we can get to know you, your birth experience and recognise ways in which we can support you safely when attending a class with your baby. Not all detail is essential but useful in order to prepare you and us for the sessions. (It would be helpful for us to know of babies born premature, with additional health considerations and mothers healing from C-section delivery in order to support safely in session). Please find the Registration Form PAR-Q on the Events page via the link below.
  • Babies should be in a wrap, sling or soft structured baby carrier and can be worn on the front, hip or back, as long as the carrier is safe and comfortable for both baby and wearer. We recommend, alongside babywearing consultants, that babies and toddlers are worn facing the adult whilst being carried on the front. If you do not have a suitable carrier, we will have a small number of spare slings and carriers available where necessary to provide, or as demonstration for those interested in alternative styles of carrier.
  • Please be aware that this is a dance class. Wear something comfortable and cool, with trainers or non-slip shoes, to accommodate for physical activity and wearing your baby throughout the session. We recommend that your baby wears one layer of clothing whilst in the carrier throughout the session to avoid getting too warm, and suggest layers to be worn over the top of the carrier before and after class.
  • Make the class your own – this is your time between baby and adult, with no agenda other than to enjoy moving together, in a community of likeminded babywearers, to support bonding in a safe, fun environment. Please feel free to take a break and/or tend to your baby when needed during the class and approach movement suggestions at the level that suits you. It is recommended that you bring a mat or something comfortable to lay baby down when a babywearing break is required.

Rock-A-Bye Babies is led by dance and movement professionals who have also qualified as safe Babywearing Peer Supporters. We are here to guide you through the class, able to advise and support on safe and comfortable use of your sling/carriers.

Here are some helpful links to highlight safe babywearing:

Where further advice on slings is required, we will direct you to recommended resources and our local Sling Library: Stork and the Bees.

The class meets at the cafe after the dance session to have a drink and get to know each other. Please feel free to join us.

This class is supported by TNL community fund so we can keep costs low and have some free spaces available to those who need it. If you would like to join us but cannot afford to come, please email

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