At Expressions Academy, we have a passion for creative prayer as it is able to draw all kinds of people in to meet with Jesus on an intimate level. Our creative prayer spaces are tailored to many different subjects and are able to be used in schools, churches, public events and much more.

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St Mary’s COE Primary school, North Mymms
January 2020

One extremely creative week focusing on Psalm 23 and using these verses at starting points to pray.

Nash Mills School, Hemel Hempstead
November 2019

We revisited the Nash Mills COE school to host another creative prayer space but this time with the theme of Peace.

The Mix with Youth Across Hemel, Hemel Hempstead
October 2019

Using the theme of the event, Mission impossible…we created a prayer space FULL of area’s to dodge the wires, unpick the locks and of course pray.



Nash Mills School, Hemel Hempstead
May 2019

An engagingly interactive prayer space was set up for the pupils of Nash Mills School in May 2019. It was an amazing day of creative reflection and prayer.

Student: ‘This is the best place ever!’

Student: ‘Can this room stay like this forever?’

Rosie Washford Mower: Headteacher of Nash Mills COE School: ‘The Prayer Space set up was quite remarkable. Our ICT Suite was transformed into thoughtfully planned zones, each with a clear instruction of how to use it. A warm area had been created, sectioning off one corner with a red drape, behind which were heaters and lamps, together with some succulents, to give the impression of a warm country.

One of my favourite areas was the zone with four or five pairs of footwear. The ‘In their shoes’ activity encouraged children to consider the phrase ‘step into their shoes,’ to reflect on the experiences of those who might wear the shoes and to pray for someone they know who might wear similar footwear. Even Y6 boys had a go at trying on the high heels, and showed some mature attitudes during this activity.

I thoroughly recommend Daniella’s workshops to you and am sure that you too, will be astonished at some of the ideas and comments from children; the sorts of responses that can only be given when there is an opportunity to rise above the ordinary, everyday routine’.

Walk of Witness, Churches Together in Hemel Hempstead
2017, 2018, 2019

As well as sharing worship through dance at the Churches Together Walk of Witness event, the team have set up Prayer Spaces for the public too. The creative prayer tents offer a time of peaceful reflection, through guided activities and crafts (should you wish), but most importantly space to support growing relationships and conversations with God.

Youth Across Hemel, Hemel Hempstead
March 2019

A very enjoyable experience, planning and creating a prayer space for Youth Across Hemel’s mix event based on The Pilgrims progress. Some really powerful responses arose from engagement with the stations.

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