We can provide the following for your school:

Day of arts/teaching as part of the school curriculum
This will include creative lessons throughout the day where different classes could each participate in a session. This could be dance, drama, art or music subject to availability when booking.
Examples of this have included us teaching one day of dance a week to every class as part of school curriculum.

The workshops could focus on the particular art form or another theme that is explored in creative ways. Price: £190 full day, £90 half-day (Includes 1 teacher and 1 assistant)
Price: £135 full day, 65 half-day (Includes 1 teacher *)
Please note with this option, we expect a class teacher or assistant to be present for health and safety precautions.

fter school session or lunchtime club
These sessions can be a one-off or a weekly activity. These can look at dance, drama, art, musical theatre and how to develop technical and performance skills whilst having lots of fun!

Examples of our current sessions include ballet, drama games, drama performance and an art after school club. Price: Lunch club £2.25 per child / After school club £3.75 per child.


Supply teaching/Covering curriculum creative arts
We can deliver our sessions as an option if cover teachers are required in the school. Our sessions can be tailored to work along KS1 and KS2 targets, maintaining the progressions through the curriculum.
Alternatively we can teach dance classes to cover the KS1/KS2 curriculum tying in with other subjects for example WWII, Egyptians, Sound and Fairytales. All provided with Hard copies of lesson plans.
Price: £30/hr (Includes 1 teacher)


Assisting school productions
We can work to create a school production or come alongside teachers to aid with particular sessions, choreography or creative direction.
Price: £30/hr (Includes 1 teacher)